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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

randomly written

ever since the dinner (read: Malam Perdana Siswa)
i've been craving to buy a floral dress 
silly me
my shopping spree still haven't end.

hi peeps. 

i'm here typing an entry at 5am cause i cant sleep yay

alhamdulillah, so far being here, im good.
though, i think i am not that myself anymore
because i seem to change.
a lot

i know now that i need more sleep than i used to
i have less time than before
i need to critically analyse why the eff something happened
i care less than i should (this is bad)
i stop caring about what i think about others because first impression mostly are wrong
and also
i pretend to know who i really am now (is that good?)

sumber: Google image

the thing is
related to Midsemester examination
i am prettayy sure that i did not perform well
which means 
i didnt finish studying as if i was one of the committee for the ECAP being held on the weekend before the exam

fyi, ECAP is a programme organized by the 1st years for the sekolah-anak angkat USIM

and because of that, some of the lecturers arent very satisfied with the results
and if i was to look back at the final sem1 result, our batch showed the highest result ever in the history 
perhaps, because of that, i am (or was??) in my comfort zone.

macam ni lah bila perasan pandai.
perasan masa banyak dan perasan boleh score

i really hope that our results arent that bad. 

realizing that i did involve in many events
although not as busy as Filzah did
but, i came out satisfied that i've changed
i tend to socialize more 
cause i hate situations where i have to deal with lots of people
lots means in a restricted place, with many people talking to each other about nothing important
back then, when i was in that kind of place, i will need someone to hold my hands cause i am afraid that those people would somehow harm me.
in such a way.

regarding the debate i've entered
i supposed it was not that bad at all
experience is whats precious aite?
i dont want to be doing something that took lots of my time
till i dont get enough rest 
but in the end, it gave nothing
i'm glad that it turned out awesome yay (read: we won!)
not forgetting that there will be a debate competition for English month this week
i have prospect that the 1st years will win. 

my father is going for an umrah next two weeks 
pray for him :D

may Allah ease our journey 
assalamualaikum wbt.

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