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Sunday, May 12, 2013


assalamualaikum wargawarga dunia
i'm freaking bored lol
i kept stalking everyone like a serial killer 
so, watch out guys . beware of the revival of Amni Awatif 
sorry . im being irreasonable 
sauntering to nowhere . flirting with a debonair gentleman . LOL . kidding

yeah , so i was gonna write something about somebody 
ops , not somebody but lotsabody

tak syok aa story mory guna bahasa penjajah 
ayuh kita naikkan martabat bahasa melayu kita .ewah
here's the thing
these days, ive like been stalking those tamhidians
not forgetting my coursemates too
then, i realised , weh weh camtu rupanya dia ni . ohh , she had such a tragic life 
and stuff
i was like , wallaaaweyyy , i didnt even know them . for Gods sake 
i regretted wht ive been doing these times
tsk tsk 
nevermind , but
i really hope that someday, we can get to know each other well enuff :) 
and today , i discovered something 
all these years, i've been following one of the tamhidians .
haha . i bet it was since im  in form4 or stuff . 
dont even remember
ahh , im exhilirating things here . dont mind me :P 

may Allah bless us 
assalamualaikum wbt

psst . bila nak sampai ke KINOs nii . mohon cepat lah ayah ibu belikan tiket flight .thanks 

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